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TSP/TSP Name: 131537896 - WBI Energy Transmission, Inc.
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Post D/T: 2/16/2021 @ 7:45 AM
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Notice End D/T: 2/23/2021 @ 5:00 PM
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Subject: Reservation of Uncommitted Firm Transportation
Notice Text: In accordance with Subsection 10.7.2 of WBI Energy Transmission, Inc.s (WBI Transmission) FERC Gas Tariff, Third Revised Volume No. 1 (Tariff), WBI Transmission is electing to reserve uncommitted firm transportation capacity. Prior to reserving this capacity WBI Transmission made such capacity available to Shippers or Potential Shippers pursuant to Section 10.7.1 of its Tariff (Notice ID 5549). The project for which this capacity is reserved will consist of pipeline and measurement facilities to allow incremental natural gas deliveries from the NBPL-Glen Ullin (R) location to a new delivery point on Line Section 7.

WBI Transmission is reserving a total maximum capacity of 6,700 equivalent dekatherms per day. WBI Transmission will hold an open season for the project from February 22, 2021 to February 26, 2021. The anticipated in-serve date of the project is July 2022.

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