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Subject: Operational Gas Purchase
Notice Text: WBI Energy Transmission (WBI Energy) will be selling operational natural gas periodically going forward. These potential sales are in conjunction with the Billy Creek Storage Field Abandonment Project, FERC Order Approving Abandonment and Issuing Certificate in Docket No. CP17-469-000. All parties interested in participating in the bid process must have a NAESB Base Contract for Sale and Purchase of Natural Gas executed with WBI Energy. Offers to sell gas will be posted periodically on WBI Energys customer website along with the length of the bidding period and quantity to be sold. All bids must be provided in the form of a fixed price. Responses to the offering must be made by submitting an Operational Gas Solicitation Sheet-Off System Sale (Purchase), which is available under Forms on WBI Energy Transmissions customer website. WBI Energy will notify the winning bidder shortly after the end of the bid submission deadline. WBI Energy reserves the right to evaluate bids on a method that provides the highest total revenue to WBI Energy. The gas will be sold at NBPL  Manning (D) (Point ID 01010), NBPL  Glen Ullin (Point ID 01050) or CIG  Elk Basin (D) (Point ID 03390). All quantities of gas sold at the NBPL-Manning, NBPL-Glen Ullin and/or CIG-Elk Basin delivery points will be on an interruptible basis. Bidders will be required to indicate on the solicitation sheet the downstream contract they will be utilizing on the interconnecting pipeline.
For questions and inquiries about the process please contact Josh Hager at 701-530-1532 or [email protected]

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If you have any questions or comments regarding this information, please e-mail Market Services.
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