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TSP/TSP Name: 131537896 - WBI Energy Transmission, Inc.
Notice ID: 5406
Notice Type: Other
Notice Stat Desc: Initiate
Prior Notice:
Critical: N
Post D/T: 7/1/2020 @ 8:06 AM
Notice Eff D/T: 7/1/2020 @ 8:06 AM
Notice End D/T: 7/1/2020 @ 5:00 PM
Reqrd Rsp Desc: No response required
Rsp D/T:

Subject: Website Connectivity
Notice Text: WBI Energy Transmission, Inc. is experiencing issues with access to the Customer Website, more specifically Customer Activities Measurement related pages. The problem has been identified and we are working on resolving the issue. Please contact the scheduling department with any concerns at 701-530-1630.

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